Veggie Shoyu Pumpkin Ramen at Tensai Ramen

I tried a new ramen at Tensai Ramen which I haven’t had before. The vegetarian ramen. The menu description:

The result:

Veggie Shoyu Pumpkin Ramen Tensai Ramen Rotterdam

A light soy soup base with pieces of pumpkin with thicker noodles than the tonkotsu noodles. The soup is not as rich as a meat broth, but still very tasty. On top there is marinated shiitake, a little bit sour, but a nice change in taste. Marinated menma (bamboo), one asparagus, a grilled piece of tomato, a king oyster mushroom, corn, spring onion, cabbage, mung bean sprouts and seaweed.

The vegetables have salt, sweet, sour and umami tastes. And crunchy, soft and chewy textures. It gives you a lot of different bites and experiences.

But I have to say… nothing beats the Black Tonkotsu broth: rich, savoury and full of umami.

The veggie ramen is not vegan. The noodles have egg as an ingredient. Tensai said that they might use eggless noodles in the future.

Try the ramen yourself

Tensai Ramen
Schiedamsedijk 1, 3011 EB Rotterdam

Mon, Wed, Thu   12:00~22:00
Fri, Sat                 12:00~22:30
Sunday                12:00~21:30
Tuesday               Closed

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