Spreading the ramen love

These last two years ramen has infiltrated the restaurant scene in the Netherlands. When I made Saitou’s movie, my goal was to inspire people to eat and make more ramen. Today I am lucky enough to join the ramen-love-spreading by designing an Amsterdam Ramen Map for bySam.nl. Susam Pang is organizing the first Ramen Festival in Amsterdam! How cool is that?

I wanted to find all ramen places in the Netherlands and make a list of it, but I am too lazy to do the work. So I am glad that Susam has created a nice list of ramen restaurants in Amsterdam. I can’t show you the results yet, because the map is still not finished. But when it’s done, I will share the designing process with you all.

[3 May 2019 edit: Haha! I have started to work on a ramen community! A place where people can share their love for ramen. Read story 1 and story 2 for more explanation. It’s still a work in progress, but someday it will be here.]

These last two weeks a lot of ramen has been on my mind. Here are some sketches from my daily food drawings.

Amsterdam Ramen Festival info

The Amsterdam Ramen Festival will be on Sunday 17 February 2019, starting at 13:00 till 20:00. You can buy a ticket for a time slot. Either enter before 14:00 or enter after 17:00. So it will be not too busy.
Tickets are 8.12 euro. This also includes the map I am making! There will be tickets at the door, but I think those will sell out fast, because the early-bird tickets sold out less in a day.
There is vegetarian ramen, no vegan ramen. A small bowl costs 5 euro, a big bowl 10 euro.

Location: De Bajes, Utrechtsestraat 11, 1017 VN Amsterdam, Netherlands

More videos on the way

Lazy Penguin and I will be roaming around the festival to film a new video, so come say hi! After I am finished with designing the map, my plan is to finish the Daniel video. It’s time to share his story…

Hope you have a good Friday and see you in the next post!

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