China diaries ~ day 4

Wuzhen: old houses and canals

Wuzhen scenic water town

Wuzhen is a scenic water town a few hours from Hangzhou and Shanghai. Old houses next to the Yangtze River have been renovated and the area has become a tourist area. You can visit for a day or stay in a hotel in the park. There is even a modern theater building there. It very beautiful and a well maintained park. A ticket costs 160 yuan. Students get a discount, so bring your student card.

Sweet potato in Wuzhen
We don’t bring cookies as snack, but a sweet potato.
Matcha latte with cheesecake layer
A trendy drink these days in China: milk tea with a layer of cheesecake aka salty yoghurt. It’s a nice contrast with the sweet matcha latte.
Number one in da xie
Number one in Chinese is 一。But in the past people would write ‘one’ like this, so it would be harder to replicate money.
Hundun wonton
Delicious plump wonton/hundun filled with pork and bamboo shoots for a nice crunch.
Wuzhen silk making
In Wuzhen they produce silk. Here you see two people working on a big machine. The person on top holds some wires and the person at the bottom is making the pattern. They can make about 5cm of silk per day.
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