China diaries ~ day 3

Celebrating Christmas in China

Hangzhou West Lake

It was a cloudy Christmas Day in Hangzhou. A few tourists are crowding the bridges of the West Lake. It was not busy, since China doesn’t celebrate Christmas and everyone has to work.


We celebrated Christmas with food and a music show at a shopping area.

Yidiandian milk tea

These shops had some Christmas decorations, unlike most shops in China. (This is a nice milk tea branch.)

Christmas shop

Around 18:00 the stores where already removing their Christmas decorations.

Christmas tree

Byebye tree.


Oh, not all decorations are gone yet 🙂

Christmas is not really celebrated in China. I hardly noticed that it was Christmas. Only because of the Christmas wishes from Dutch friends that I felt a bit Christmassy.

I think it will get bigger in China in the future, because stores can sell more stuff if they also do something like Black Friday.

Dutch people are learning to celebrate Halloween; a good excuse for parties and dressing up. Christmas is a good excuse for eating, gifts and spending time with family and friends.

Merry belated Christmas! Hope you spend it well! ^^

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