China diaries ~ day 2

Since I am staying at family I get to experience the local lifestyle. Where do people get their food and ingredients? The number one priority during the day: food 🙂

Baozi store
The baozi store. One baobao costs 1.5 or 2 yuan, which is 19 or 25 euro cents. They also have sweet fresh soymilk.
Vegetable store in China
A small vegetables and meat store near the flats. The man on the left was removing bad Chinese leeks from the pack. That’s nice, no rotten veggies in your pack.
Fresh bamboo shoots
I love bamboo shoots, because of the crunchy texture. You can buy them in China. My parents never cooked with bamboo, but I have eaten it often in restaurants.
Ginseng (renshen) root for the health
They are selling wild ginseng (renshen) roots in a medicine store. One piece was 580.000 yuan, which is 72.500 euro. That’s a small apartment! It’s so expensive, because it grown in the wild and still one piece.
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