China diaries ~ day 1

After a few days of doing nothing (aka sleeping, eating and chilling). It is time to share some photo stories.

Paying with Alipay, a QR code
China doesn’t use a lot of cash or bankcards anymore. Everything can be paid with Alipay or Weixin. You either scan a QR code and you have to fill in an amount. Or the store scans your QR code and takes your money.
Bao zi
Lot’s of baozi for breakfast. Outside the living district is a baozi shop. There are meat fillings, vegetables filling, red bean, salted veggies and more..
Orange juicer in mall
How to stay healthy while shopping in a big mall? Get some freshly squeezed orange juice from the vending machine. You can see the oranges in the machine.
Shrimp and vermicelli
Recipe for home: shrimp, garlic, vermicelli and oyster sauce are great together.

These photos are taken in Hangzhou. The winters here are not that cold, around 5-15 degree Celsius. But it’s cold at home, because there is no central heating. There is only hot air from the air-conditioning.

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