Creating a story for J.D. William’s video

Today I will be editing the J.D. William’s video. I have already shared my filming and editing process on the blog before, but that was more about the technical part. Today I am sharing the creative part: how to create a story?


Before Daniel’s interview, I had a lot of questions in my mind. About his life, his love for whisky and Asian Fusion food. My main question: why a whisky bar with Asian Fusion food in Amsterdam? 

J.D. William's Amsterdam
Filming at J.D. William’s

During the filming day we asked all the questions and we filmed all his answers. 


Now I am sitting in the editing room (my living room) with all these footage about his youth, work, whisky, food experiences and more. 
What I do first is, match the sound with the video. Then I watch the whole video and cut it up in pieces and meanwhile write a transcript (all the things he have said). So I can easily read back when he said what.

For this video I am trying something new. I am writing interesting parts of the interview on post-its and use those the create the story. Now I can easily shuffle with subjects. 

Editing process with post-it
This is the story now, but it might change in the end

The structure that I have for the Daniel story is: 
1. Intro: something interesting and funny to catch your attention.
2. Who is this person?
3. A question or problem to solve during the movie
4. Story stuff
5. Answer or problem solved.
6. …?

While I am building the story with pieces of the interview, I might shuffle or change the structure. Because I might find something really fun in the footage what will change the whole structure. Maybe that part will be the main story. I don’t know. 

It’s really fun and challenging though. I have so much story (footage) in my hands and I can decide what things I will share of his story and what not. Of course, I try to make it an interesting story, without giving Daniel a bad image.

This will be a short documentary again, just like Saito’s video. I hope I can finish it in December, but probably not… knowing my laziness. Challenge accepted! 

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