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I watched this video and it inspired me to write this post. Why do I draw?

Why do I like drawing? 

I don’t know.. I remember copying a drawing in an Aladdin drawing book. It was a challenge for me to precisely copy the drawing, because that was the point of the ‘game’. Draw the picture on the left into the blocks on the right. I just drew all the lines I saw in one small block and copied it to the right. It looked sort of alright…

Not this Aladdin book, but you get the idea.

The first time when someone asked me what I wanted to be in the future, I said: ‘kunstenaar’. I wanted to be an artist. An uncle was a painter and I wanted to be like him. Make beautiful paintings.

I like to look at beautiful art, the clouds, people and of course food. Visuals that please the eye. That’s why I draw. To make beautiful things for the eye. 

Lessons I learned with drawing

Nothing can be made perfect, just deal with ‘good enough’

Lazy Nightingale said: ‘It’s good that it will be never perfect. Then we still have a challenge. If it is perfect.. then what?’ Then we can stop and die?

You only have one chance!

Using an eraser is nice but annoying; it will leave stains or crumple the paper. I challenged myself to draw the first line right by drawing with black pen. Then I can never erase it anymore. This way I also accept the fact that it cannot be perfect. I taught myself to do it ‘perfect’ with black pen. Also black pen is much better for scanning or making a photo of your drawing 😛

Not today…
(This is not really a lesson learned. I still need to learn this lesson!)

I am terrible at drawing people. Look, these are my human drawings: 

people finding people

I can only draw people from photos, but they still look crap. I should practice people drawing more, but not today…. maybe tomorrow..(..is what I say everyday 🙂 )

You are not seeing what you are seeing

I learned seeing colors by drawing over photos in Photoshop. This way you will see a purple is not that purple as you thought (when you use the eyedropper tool). Or a white cloud is more like grey… The world is quite visually complex. It’s not that simple…

Instagram challenge

About a year ago I said to myself: ‘you need to practice your drawing more.’ Okay, I will draw a sketch every day when I am commuting to work and post it on Instagram.’ It worked. I have made a drawing every day, but still I think Lazy Pig looks like crap. Food has become a bit tastier-looking, but still meh. 

I think what I learned from this challenge is: it’s always possible to create ‘art’. Just do something. Put down a line and something with flow out of it. Today I wanted to draw something fast, because I had no idea what to draw. I thought of a curl, which made my think of a curly pastry. Then I thought about appelflap, a triangle apple pastry. That’s easy to draw. Then think of the story around it. Hmm.. what kind of story are you telling? Drawings is all about stories (or emotions).

Conclusion? Drawing is fun, because it challenges me. It never will be perfect…

Do you draw? And why do you like to draw? If you don’t draw, would you want to? Anyone can learn to draw 🙂

Next week we are talking about food again. Have a good day! 

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