Black Tonkotsu at Tensai Ramen Rotterdam

Today I want to talk about my favorite ramen of Tensai Ramen in Rotterdam: Black Tonkotsu Ramen.

Black Tonkotsu ramen Tensai ramen Rotterdam

Just look at this piece of art.

Soft, salty, sweet deep lingering flavor in the broth. Chewy noodle texture, which is Hakata style noodles as I see on the menu. A few crunchy menma (bamboo) and crunchy wood ear. A light salty soft boiled egg, still gooey yellow-orange. Three thick pieces of chashu aka fat pork belly and some spring onions.

I like the Black Tonkotsu more than the normal Tonkotsu, because it has more flavor with the black garlic oil. Every time I take a sip of the soup it’s like caressing my tongue with umami or something which is very addicting. Just like eating chips, I want to eat more and more. Sometimes it gets too salty, then I stop. When I start again, the salty taste is less and I can continue eating. It’s like magic soup.

Also if I compare Black Tonkotsu with the Tonkotsu of Yokohama Ramen Saito, this one is more elegant and soft, like a pretty lady sitting on a boat. Saito’s tonkotsu is powerfull and heavy, maybe like fighter. So I visualized the Black Tonkotsu lady.

Black Tonkotsu ramen Tensai ramen Rotterdam lady

Hope you guys also get a chance to eat Tensai’s delicious Black Tonkotsu. Have a good weekend and see you in the next post!

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Tensai Ramen
Schiedamsedijk 1, 3011 EB Rotterdam

Mon, Wed, Thu   12:00~22:00
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