8 Things about Taiwan

Taiwan has been a nice trip of nature, sights, food, friends and more… I filmed quite some things and made a movie: 8 Things about Taiwan.

Below are some extra info and thoughts about the 8 subjects.

1. Nature 

The first shot with the dog and the last shot with the theater thing is in the DaAn Park Pavilion in Taipei. This was a really nice park for relaxing and sporting. They have cycling machines, which create water sprays when you cycle!

Taipei Daan park water bicycles

2. Public Transport

The train, bus and metro all have English words, so you won’t get lost in the Chinese characters.

3. Street Walking

The streets are not designed for walking. This is something which I didn’t really like of Taiwan. It doesn’t feel safe to walk so close to cars. But maybe I am just spoiled with the nice pedestrian walking areas of The Netherlands.

4. Art

Here you can find more information about Nuit Blanche Taipei.
These were the arts and artists in the video: 月霾 Moon Haze, 馮嘉城、黃苑倍 / Feng Jia-Cheng、Huang Yuan-Bei
The white puppets: 亞伯之夢Herbert’s Dream 匿名者劇團 / Compagnie des Quidams

5. Food

In the video you see a big meal at a Shanghai style restaurant, a Japanese izakaya (pub food), a Mongolian BBQ restaurant where they cook on a hot stone. The dishes are 3 cup fish and gua bao. And you see how they are making fried scallion pancake (my favorite food in Taiwan). The last shot is delicious shaved mango ice. A huge pile to eat, but so good. I had this twice.

We ate a lot of good food which I didn’t show in the video, but I will share them in another post.

6. Sights

We went to most big museums in the cities that we visited. I really enjoyed the Natural Museum of Science in Taichung. This one was extremely big and had a lot of nicely made things explaining all kinds of stuff. Also the National Taipei Museum in Taipei had a really nice interior and exhibition. This museum was for free after 16:30.

7. Shopping

Taipei is shopping heaven. So much pretty designed things, clothing, house stuff, knick-knacks, gadgets, cute stuff. You name it…

8. Night Market

I am not used to eating from food stands on the street, because we don’t have it a lot in the Netherlands, so my brain is a bit afraid to eat street food. But the things that I ate on the street where all really nice and also hygienic. I didn’t have any problem with my stomach when I ate street food. We only had one mishap with food and that was in a Japanese chain restaurant where they served don (rice bowls). We both had raw salmon and both had to run to the toilet after 30 minutes. So you never know…

Hope you guys enjoyed the video. I still have lots of Taiwan stories to share, but those are for later. See you in the next post! Have a lovely day 🙂

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