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Chef tip asian street food nederland

Recently a reader shared some awesome Asian street food tips with me. He is a chef and also a Asian food lover. I didn’t want to keep all the good tips for myself, so here they are:

1) Amsterdam

Shanghai Bistro – Chinese street food (dumplings, crispy pork belly with pickles, steamed buns, char sieuw roasted bbq pork with pickles, soups…)

Viet View – Vietnamese street food (fresh rice spring paper rolls, Banh mi, Pho Bo, Ca Ri Ga…)

Malaysian Restaurant Wau – Malaysian food (halal, vegan, curry, patai udang, char kway teow, nasi lemak, nasi goreng… I hope I am writing the names correct. I don’t know any of these dishes, so time to try them ^^)

2) Amersfoort

The Streetfood Bar – Thai food (vegan, curry, deep fried fish, fried mixed tofu, tom yum, tom kha kai, pad thai, Thai omelet, fish cakes…)

3) Den Haag

The Roaming Panda (awesome name!) – Asian fusion food (Philly steak sandwich, beef rendang rice bowl, Seoul cheesesteak, sate kambing & Domba, Cubano, Panda (pork) bun)
They are roaming around (food truck), so they are maybe not always in Den Haag. You can book them for catering.

4) Leidschendam

Wah Nam Hong Restaurant – Asian food, run by Malaysian Celebrity Chef Norman Musa (red chicken curry, crispy pork belly, wonton soup, korean beef noodle soup, Malaysian noodle soup chicken, vegetarian dumplings…)

5) Rotterdam

Baomazing – Chinese street food (bao’s, dimsum, dumpling, fried won ton, xiao long bao, a lot of buns…)

Kampong Express – Malaysian food (sate ayam, ayam pili, laksa, kampong ikan, ayam kari, daging rendang, Hainan chicken rice, sayur tumis…)

6) Breda

The Tiger Club – Asian street food (tom kha kai, bulgogi, pad thai, cha gio, cha sieuw, chicken gyoza, pork belly, bao, soft shell black pepper crab.)
Wow, all these different Asian food names makes me so excited to eat here! Korean food, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Thai… omg…

Thank you Chef Marvin for your tips!
I am really happy to share all the good Asian food with you all and even happier when you guys are sharing them too. ^^
I also have a nice list from Chef Saitou about Japanese food and noodles.. coming one day…

Have a good weekend! Time to eat out! 😁

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