Life… happiness

This post is not much related to food, but more about life and happiness. It can become philosophical, so you have been warned.

I was thinking about my life and I felt the need to visualize it. 
What am I doing in life and what for? For happiness?

I have 4 categories in life, maybe other people have more or less. But around these subjects I do things in life to make me happy.

I am not sharing what I filled in the blocks, because that’s personal. But I thought it might be a nice tool for you to think about your life. How do you spend your time in a day, a week, your whole life time? Does it make you happy? Why are we even on this world?
See? deep life stuff….. 

life schedule

A very interesting video about doing stuff you like and want. How can you work on passion?

I have another food story in my head. I might share it later or next Friday…

Well, have a good day! Don’t forget to enjoy life.

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