Taiwanese Beef noodle day

Simple beef noodle

We ate two beef noodles on the same day. In the morning we stumbled upon a simple eatery in Hualien. I wanted to eat there, because it smelled so good.

The chef had won some prices I think, because he had some news articles about him on the window. We had a beef noodle (160NTD = 4,60 euro) and dumplings.

The noodles were soooo smooth and chewy. I think freshly handmade. The soup is not that salty, a bit sweet and beefy flavour. The meat was super soft and tender. And there were some sour veggies and green veggies in the soup.

Taiwanese food is less salty than Chinese food I think. It taste lighter, so I have to get used to it. I usually cook salty.

Fancy beef noodle

In the evening I had another beef noodle soup (280NTD = 8 euro) at a hipster restaurant in Taipei. The menu was lovely designed, modern interior and located in an art area.

The noodles were okay. They were not handmade and became soft quite quickly. The soup was good; soft salty and sweet. The beef was not so soft as the first one. It was getting slightly dry. A nice soft egg and some boiled broccoli.

I was interesting to see and taste different types of beef noodle. I was thinking that if you put the first noodle in the second eating environment, it would be the best experience. But then again, to find such delicious food at a simple store also feels special. Authentic…

Which beef noodle looks tastier?

Also craving for some beef noodle? Check out T&C Haus in Den Haag. Awesome beef noodles there!

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  • They both look tasty! The first one looks more Japanese style ramen, the second one more traditional Chinese lamian.

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