Tips for Taiwan – Good to know

Lazy Bear and I are now a few days in Hualien, Taiwan. Here are a few things that I noticed:
  • Hostels provide slippers when entering the building. It keeps the inside clean.
  • Hostels are of good quality. Our hostel (Bayhouse Hostel) is very clean, has good facilities, bunkbeds with curtains and a helpfull host.
  • Most toilets don’t let you flush toilet paper. You have to put it in the garbage bin, because it can clog the toilet.
  • Not every toilet has toiletpaper, so we bring tissues with us. You can easily buy a small pack of tissue in a 7eleven of Family Mart.
  • 7eleven, Family Mart are 24/7 supermarkets. You can get a lot of daily needs here. Food, drinks, toothpaste, gel, undies… If you forgot a thing to pack from home during your trip, you can probably buy it here.
  • You get free water (or juice) when visiting a restaurant. But maybe these were Japanese restaurants and that’s normal for Japan.
  • There is not a lot of sidewalk for the walker in Hualien. So you have to be careful when walking next to cars and scooters. Also there isn’t always a traffic light for the walker. Follow the car traffic light, but beware of cars taking a turn.
Tomorrow we are going to Taipei!

Bayhouse slippers

Take a set of slippers in your size.

Taroko gorge
Walking on the highway in Taroko National Park.
Blood pressure monitor in 7eleven
7eleven even has a blood pressure monitor!
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