Taiwan day 1-2: Hualien

Our first stop in Taiwan is Hualien. A city in the East next to the Philippine Sea. Close to Hualien is Toroko National Park, one of the prettiest national parks of Taiwan. Also the reason we came to Hualien. But today we checked out the city.

Our hostel host recommended a-zone, an old industrial area which has changed into a cultural area with handicraft shops, cultural performances during the night and restaurants.

Here are a few photos of the day.

Pineapple bun with a slice of butter

One of the many pineapple buns to come. A sweet bread with cookie dough on the top and a slice of cold butter.

Streets of Hualien

The streets of Hualien

Garbage bin a zone

Not that many garbage bins on the street, just like Japan.

Chickies at K Show

Little chickies at K Show, a restaurant in a-zone

Udon pasta

Beef udon pasta from K Show. Enoki mushrooms go so well in noodles. It’s a nice bite.

Pine tree houes

Taiwan was a colony of Japan in the past, so they have adapted a lot of culture from Japan. This building was a former Japanese military office. The building is covered between pine trees and has a good view of the sea.

Chicken don donmono

Chicken, egg, onion over rice. Chicken don from Daisuki. They also added enoki mushroom in it. In the future I will also use enoki in my dishes. It gives a nice texture.

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