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I was browsing through my notebook that I started using from 2012. It’s filled with ideas, thoughts, drawings, notes and other random scribbles. It’s very interesting to see my thoughts from a few years ago, because I was trying to find something that I wanted to do with my life. I will be sharing some snippets of the notebook and talk about it.

first logo lazypigpassion
I felt lazy during that time. What can I do to show some passion? I was still studying and figuring out what I could do with ‘design’.
Change can be scary. But in order to change stuff you need to sacrifice something… For example, these days I sacrifice social time to work on videos. You only have a certain amount of time in your life. With what kind of thing do you want to fill your time in this life?
During my Industrial Design study we had to have a vision; a design vision. Mine was to share happiness through my designs. Yes, very cheesy. But, what makes me happy? Social time with friends and family, eating, food. Now, I want to share food happiness through videos.
Putting your work into the world is scary. What if people judge my things? This story already gave me doubts. ‘Should I post all these personal notebook stuff?’ But in the end: don’t care about the rest of the world and You do You.
logo sketches
In 2015 I started the Lazy Pig Passion blog. I blogged maybe 3 times in 2015. In 2016 I scheduled time for the blog. ‘Every Friday I will work on the blog.’ In 2016 I skipped a few Fridays, but 2017 was 1 whole year of blogging every Friday. I did it!
I wrote this down when I was working on my graduation project. I guess this tip is still useful these days 🙂

Working on the J.D. William’s video these days. It’s gonna be epic!

Have a lovely day!


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