Planning J.D. William’s the movie

I am almost done with editing the Utrecht Bar Iberico video. So I am planning the next video at J.D. William’s. I present you:

JDWilliams-themovie-01 JDWilliams-themovie-02

It will be something in the style of Saito’s Magic of Ramen video, more about the owner/chef and his love for food and in this case whisky.

I want to try new things in the videos. No more Lazy Penguin eating in front of the camera… But show the maker behind the delicious food and drinks. After the J.D. William’s project, there is the Tensai Ramen project. Another ramen story from two chefs! But for now… let’s finish the Utrecht video and plan the film day in Amsterdam. Good stuff happening!
Have a great weekend!

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