Street food at Miyagi and Jones in Utrecht

In this story I will tell you why you should eat at Miyagi and Jones in Utrecht.

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I am seeing more of the word “street food” in the Netherlands. Restaurants say they serve street food, even though you will eat it inside and not on the street… That must mean it’s becoming hip!

But what exactly is street food? Wikipedia says: “Street food is ready-to-eat food or drink sold by a hawker or vendor, in a street or other public place, such as at a market or fair. It is often sold from a portable food booth, food cart, or food truck and meant for immediate consumption.”

Restaurants are building a concept around Asian street food. Currently I know two places: Miyagi and Jones (Utrecht) and Mr. Chow (Schiedam). I find it funny that both restaurants are using Asian film stars as their name. It’s smart though; a connection to the mainstream Asian stuff.

Miyagi and Jones

Miyagi and Jones interior Utrecht

I went to Miyagi and Jones in Utrecht and I was blown away by the graphics and their food. My eyes like to see pretty art and their menu is designed so nicely. I had to take a minute to enjoy all the visuals, before I could pick the food. The food is Asian inspired and tasted really good. They also put a lot of thought in the plating. I really like their concept of picking 3 items of the menu for 3 rounds and you can share all the food. This way you can taste so many different things. I love it.

The food

Miyagi serves 65 Asian dishes. We tried a lot of meat dishes, veggie dishes and sushi stuff. All was delicious. I will let the photos speak:

Miyagi and Jones Utrecht Miyagi and Jones Utrecht Miyagi and Jones Utrecht Miyagi and Jones Utrecht Miyagi and Jones Utrecht Miyagi and Jones Utrecht Miyagi and Jones Utrecht Miyagi and Jones Utrecht Miyagi and Jones Utrecht Miyagi and Jones Utrecht icecream

There desserts are also very nice. Our surprise dessert was pancakes with ice. If you like chocolate I recommend the Chocoreo.


They also serve nice wines and 30 special beers. You can snack food while drinking alcohol, or the other way around.

Visit them! 

Miyagi is located next to Kinepolis, so it’s a nice place to eat in combination with a movie. It’s just behind Utrecht Central station.

Miyagi and Jones
Veemarktplein 42, 3521 BD Utrecht
+3130-307 5088
Website       Facebook

Every day 15:00-0:00

Instagram street food art

I wonder what other street foods will come to the Netherlands. On my Instagram I am drawing different things I would want to eat.. Like yakisoba, takoyaki, Chinese breakfast pancakes, and much more which I haven’t drawn yet. What kind of street food would you want to see more of?

Next foodventure

Lazy Penguin is back from a holiday. Soon we will go to Amsterdam again to eat and film at J.D. Williams. Will he have more Asian street food for us? who knows…

Have a lovely day!

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