Kevin Parry’s 50 ways to… [video inspiration]

I watch a lot of YouTube and I follow a lot of filmmakers. One of those people is Kevin Parry. He comes from a stopmotion background and has worked on movies like Boxtrolls and Kubo and the two strings.

Now he makes fun short videos about 50 ways … to do something.

I am watching an interview now with him about how he is growing on YouTube and it’s very interesting to listen to his story.

(Too bad the interview is taken down from YouTube 🙁 )

It doesn’t just come instantly. You have to work hard. I often hear from famous YouTube people that it took about 10 years of working on your art/videos till you get recognition. Man.. So if I apply that to myself, I started making videos consistently in April 2017. So my YouTube success will come April 2027. Wow.. such a long time still. Got to put my ass in working-mode again. 😀

See you in the next story. I will be talking about Miyaki and Jones….

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