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On a nice sunny day Lazy Penguin and I went to Amsterdam to eat and film at two restaurants, New King and Kaiko (video). Since we had some time to kill in between the eating, I wanted to film some local shops in Amsterdam. We were standing in front of De Bierkoning and a cute artistic shop. Which one to pick? My guts said: De Bierkoning. The plan was: learn more about the shop from an employee and ask him for a shop recommendation to film next.

De Bierkoning
Ton Zijp has worked at De Bierkoning for 22 years and was willing to give an interview. After the interview, he told us that he also has done things in the blogging scene some time ago. What a coincidence! Because we are from a foodblog, he suggested another drinking place: In De Wildeman, a beer bar.

In De Wildeman
Simon Fokkema told us about the history of the bar. In 1690 the building started as a distillery. The people were smaller back then, so the counter was low. Nowadays the counter is too low for the tall Dutch people, but perfect for me.
Simon suggested another nice drinking and eating place: JD William’s, a whisky bar that also serves Asian bar food. That really sounded awesome.

JD William’s
We were nearing our Kaiko reservation time, but we still wanted to have a quick interview with owner Daniel Watts. Daniel came to the Netherlands 9 years ago and wanted to fill the whiskey void. Also with his San Francisco and Japan eating experience, he wanted to bring all kinds of Asian bar food to the Netherlands. Which resulted in trendsetting dishes like poke bowl, sweet potato fries and Korean taco’s.

While I was listening to his interview I was getting so excited about all the delicious food, that you hear me squeak in the video. We didn’t have any time to try out the food, but we are planning to go back. His story sounds very interesting and I think it’s nice to share it with the rest of the world.

Video process
Making this video was so much fun! The process was really free and unplanned. We just go to a place and ask questions. The people we filmed were very eager to share their story. Also they decided the faith of the video. When we started filming at De Bierkoning I had no idea it would become a Beer and Whisky story.

I learned a lot about beer while editing this video. I don’t drink beer often, but since now I know more about IPA’s, wild beer and smoked beer, I might appreciate beer more.

Hope you guys enjoyed the video. Up to the next video: Tapas in Utrecht!

Visit them!

Amsterdam beer whisky map 2018

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