Kyoto restaurant tips

My friend is going to Japan soon and I promised her a list of good restaurants in Japan. We stayed a long time in Kyoto last year, so here are my Kyoto restaurant tips. I have added the Google Maps link of every place, so it’s easy to save it in your own Google Maps.

1. やまに寿司 千本店 (Yamani Sushi)

やまに寿司 千本店 (Yamani Sushi)

Eating sushi at a small shop with three old chefs who prepare your meal very quickly. This was my favorite eating experience of the Japan trip. The atmosphere, the food, the chefs.. all so nice. Check out the movie and the story. Price is around 9 euro.

2. Sugar Hill Kyoto (Bar food)

Sugar Hill Kyoto

This is an izakaya, which is a bar place where you can also eat delicious food. I noticed that the food is really awesome at these places. The owner of this place is a nice old man and he gave us a lot of nice recommendations to eat. In the photo you see (left) avocado/salmon salad, eggplants and fried potatoes.

3. Honke Owariya (soba and udon noodles)

Honke Owariya

This place has 550+ years of history and they specialize in soba noodles. They used to serve their noodles to the Imperial Palace. Nowadays the emperor’s family also eats at this restaurant when they are in town. I had the udon which was soft and chewy. There might be a line, but it is worth the wait. Noodle bowls range from 8-22 euro.

4. Ayam-ya (chicken ramen)

Ayam-ya ramen

This place serves halal ramen. The broth is made with chicken. I have never tasted such rich chicken broth. I loved it! Price is around 5 euro (so cheap!).

5. Maeda Coffee (Coffee, desserts, lunch)

Maeda Coffee Kyoto

This place has nice desserts and coffee. I really enjoyed the jelly cake packed in a mochi skin (green/white thing). I regret not buying another one. I also saw on Google that they have a lot of sandwiches, so a nice place for lunch or breakfast. This is a chain coffee shop in Kyoto.

6. Ippudo Nishikikouji (ramen chain)

Ippudo Nishikikouji Kyoto

My favorite ramen was at Ippudo. They have rich tonkotsu (pork) broths. The taste was just perfect. This is a chain, so you can find them all over Japan.

7. Ajinoya (okonomiyaki chain)

Ajinoya Kyoto

A chain that serves okonomiyaki, which are pancakes filled with cabbage, meat or fish. You can choose what kind of ingredients you like. It’s topped with a sweet sauce, some mayonnaise  and bonito flakes. The bonito flakes dance in the heat. Price is around 8-15 euro per okonomiyaki.

Coming soon

I still have some tips for Tokyo and some random eating tips. They will have their own blog post. See you guys next week! And sorry, the Amsterdam video is going slow.. I hope to finish it after two weeks.

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