Food stories week 28

For this Friday some short stories, because I am off again to film at Tensai Ramen!

Amsterdam alcohol video

editing amsterdam

I am working hard on the Amsterdam alcohol video. I am loving the process, because I am learning so much new things about beer and alcohol in the Netherlands. Here is a Dutch blog about De Bierkoning, which will also be featured in the video.

New restaurant concept: sharing is caring

A few years ago a lot all-u-can-eat sushi restaurants popped up in the Netherlands. Last week I visited a new type of restaurant. It’s similar like all you can eat, but it is a toned down version with better quality food. Miyagi and Jones in Utrecht serves all kinds of different Asian (inspired) food. You can pick the menu of 3 or 4 rounds and every round you can order 2 dishes per person from the menu. The idea is to share the dishes. The food quality is really good and the plating is also very pretty.

I might write a more extensive review about the restaurant, because I really enjoyed the concept and the food. For now, enjoy this photo:

Miyagi and Jones Utrecht

Film day!

Today Lazy Penguin and I will be filming at Tensai Ramen. Another ramen gem in the Netherlands and it needs more exposure! I have sort of mentioned them in a post about authentic food, but they deserve a better story. So coming soon… a Tensai Ramen video.

Tensai Ramen noodles

Have a happy weekend! 🙂

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