Lilith ~ The best brunch pancakes in Rotterdam

Craving some sweet and savory pancakes? Try out Lilith in Rotterdam! Lazy Nightingale (new Lazy friend) recommended Lilith for their delicious pancakes. Apparently the pancakes are famous on the internet. A lot of top brunch lists mention their pancakes. So I went to Lilith with Lazy Nightingale to have some brunch.


When we went on a Friday at 11:00 and it was totally packed. The waitress tone was very relaxed, it felt like a friend welcoming you. Also another waitress was actually a friend of Lazy Nightingale. She had brought a very sweet dog with her. We were waiting on the couch with the dog for a free table. The atmosphere felt very home-y.

Lilith Rotterdam interior

The pancakes

Lilith Rotterdam strawberry pancakes
Look how cute and colorful the pancakes look. I ordered the blini: pancakes with garlic spinach, sour cream, smokes salmon and salmon eggs. I expected pancakes of 20 cm diameter, but these were 10 cm in diameter. This amount was perfect. Before I had some 20 cm pancakes in Hamburg and that was too much. The combination of salmon, sour cream and spinach is perfect for a pancake. It was soo good!

Lilith Rotterdam strawberry pancakes

Lazy Nightingale had pancakes with fresh strawberry and maple syrup. Also delicious. The pancakes were soft and fluffy.

They also serve a lot of types of egg: eggs Benedict (still want to try), scrambled eggs, more poached eggs…

Lilith Coffee Rotterdam menu 2018

Visit them!

Nieuwe Binnenweg 125H, 3014 GJ, Rotterdam
Website         Facebook   (no reservations)

Mon-Sun    8:00-18:00

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