Amsterdam Restaurant tips

Restaurant Tips Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a big selection of delicious restaurants from all kinds of cuisines. We wanted to film a foodventure in Amsterdam, so Lazy Penguin asked a foodie friend of ours for restaurant tips. She has lived in Amsterdam for a long time and this is what she shared with us.

Kaiko A must for sushi, they have toro (tuna belly)
[My experiences] The sushi was so fresh and delicious. You get a very generous amount of sushi in the 30 euro menu. The price is the same as all-u-can-eat, but the quality is wayyyy higher. Subtle tastes and nice textures. Enjoy it in the relaxing atmosphere of the restaurant. The owners are Japanese and are very friendly.

New King – The best soup dumplings of the Netherlands
[My experiences] I have never eaten such plump and meaty wontons. They were very tasty and chewy. The filled eggplants are also recommended. The service is fast and friendly. Try the Chinese ice tea. The average price per person is around 15 euro.

Bird ThaiNear Zeedijk for the best Thai food

Sotto PizzaI had the best pizza of my life here

5&33 They serve spaghetti with truffle sauce

CarbonThey have delicious meat

Canibale RoyaleThey also have nice meat

BraaiClose to Westerpark, they have delicious spareribs

PllekNice location near the IJ (river), they have a man-made beach

DutchessNice, but pricy

Foodventure with Lazy Penguin

Lazy Penguin and I went to Amsterdam to try out two restaurants from the list; New King and Kaiko. At New King we ate ‘the best soup dumplings from the Netherlands’ and filled eggplant. At Kaiko we had the best sushi we have ever eaten in the Netherlands. They are setting high standards for the rest of the restaurants. Enjoy them!

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