Foo Concepts ~ Hongkong eggwaffles in Rotterdam

Do you like anime, K-pop and Asian snacks and drinks? Then you need to visit Foo Concepts in Rotterdam. On Instagram Foo Concepts is best known for the Hongkong eggwaffles with different toppings. I believe they are the first in Rotterdam to serve Hongkong eggwaffles.

OMG! An eggwaffle from Hongkong!

HK eggwaffle

The eggwaffle in HK tasted crispy and crunchy. I didn’t expect that. The eggwaffle at Foo Concepts was soft and squishy. I actually expected a soft and squishy in HK, but eventually I found it in Rotterdam. Score!

High tea

I had my yearly high tea with Lazy Chipmunk at Foo Concepts. This was also my first time visiting and I was pleasantly surprised about many things.

1. K-Pop! My favorite songs playing in the air. If you don’t know any songs, its okay. K-Pop will touch your heart.

Foo concepts wall art

2. Cute decorations. They have a blue little animal Foo (it reminds me of a Pokemon) as their mascot. One wall is fully painted with Foo’s. When you look more carefully, you will see that he is cosplaying as many famous anime characters; Sailor Moon, Naruto, Totoro, Pikachu, Luffy and many more. On the other side of the room is a wall covered with wooden frames filled with cute stuff. You can actually buy all the items!

Foo concept cute wall

3. Delicious food. The most important thing of a cafe is still food and drinks and the food was so good! For the high tea we choose the savoury package. There is also a sweet version with ice on the eggwaffle.

Foo Concepts high tea

Delicious onigirazu (sushi sandwich), a nice salad with edamame and wakame salad. Soft eggwaffle with pulled pork, cute shaped coconut jelly’s and a chocolate cake. Everything tasted so good! Only the pulled pork on the eggwaffle could use a bit more sauce. I also ordered a matcha latte with tapioca balls. The balls were perfect and the latte was yummy. The price for the high tea and drinks was 23 euro p.p. All in all, I need to go back and try more things from the menu.

Foo Concepts matcha latte

Ideas for Foo

I really enjoyed my time at Foo Concepts, but I still have some ideas for improvement. We sat there for about 1-2 hours on wooden chairs. Eventually my bottom was hurting, because of the hard seating. So tip: more cushions to sit on.

The store is so cute and nicely decorated, but the website is quite empty. It’s still in progress. I think they can bring the atmosphere of the cafe to the website. Maybe with a long scrolling page, filled with delicious photos from their Instagram, because their Instagram game is strong. But maybe they don’t need a website, because already so many blogs are writing about them. Just like this blog…

Time to visit them!

Foo Concepts
Hoogstraat 67A, 3011 PH Rotterdam
Website         Facebook      Instagram

Mon         Closed
Tue-Thu   11:00-18:00
Fri-Sat      11:00-19:00
Sun          12:00-19:00

If you want to eat more sweets from Asia, try out Round&Round a few meters further. They have a delicious Matcha high tea with soft roll cakes.

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