3rd and last day of fasting

On the third day of fasting I got used to not eating. I don’t really want to eat anything at 11:49 and my mouth doesn’t miss water. I am okay with looking at food videos, because it gives me the feeling of tasting it. My brain really plays a big role in enjoying the food. I can just enjoy food by looking at other people eating.

Saving money
Yesterday evening I made instant ramen, but after 3 bites and 1 cup of water I was already feeling full. I forced myself to eat half of the noodles, so at least I would have something in my body. Not very healthy, but meh. I also ate some yoghurt with fruit and nuts. You can save quite some money with fasting, because your body just can’t eat that much anymore during that 8 hours of eating (and sleeping).

Habit changing
Fasting is a good experiment for changing your habit. Getting up middle in the night to eat. The body is also adjusting to a new eating schedule. If you can do this, you can also start a new habit. Like getting up early and taking a jog. That is something I have been wanting to do, but I am just too lazy to get up early. Now that I have seen myself getting up at 3:30, I guess I can do it….

Good for the body
I read on the internet that you are detoxing your body when you are fasting. This website explains the benefits of fasting. Since you will also give your digesting system a break, it can recover from working hard. Just like resting your muscles after sporting. Also when you are not giving any fuel to your cells, the cells will start to clean up old cells and recycle them. They will get rid of bad things. But I think the website talks about refraining from eating, so you can still drink. If you also want to do fasting for losing weight, do proper research or consult a dietitian.

Not good for the body?
This website says exact the opposite, that fasting is not good for you. Your body will go into slow-burning mode, since there is not a lot of fuel in the body. You will lose some weight on the short term, but when you start eating normal again, your food will be burned slower and you will even gain weight.

So what is true? I don’t know…

i can eat again


Should everyone try fasting?
– it’s an good exercise to train your patience and discipline.
– you appreciate food more when you can’t get it.
– you realize that you can function quite okay with less food.
– you save money by eating less.
– you will think better about eating healthy, because you need healthy fuel to function well.

– it might not be healthy for your body. You will feel a bit weaker than normal and you have to be careful when sporting intensive.
– you can’t eat whenever you want. You can’t participate in social eating events.

It was interesting to fast for 2.5 day. Usually on the 3rd day it will get easier. I felt is was getting easier, but I was so happy in the morning that I could eat again at 18:00.

Would I do it again? Yes, I think so, but I would not stop drinking. I realize now that my body doesn’t need food all the time. Although I love to eat delicious things all the time. Food is just too good to not eat. >.<

Thanks for following my fasting journey with me these days. See you guys in the next food story. Time to finish that Amsterdam food video…..

Have a good weekend!

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