Day 2 of fasting

stages of fasting

Killing time by writing this post

It’s 20:09 and I am waiting to eat at 21:37. I just killed some time by watching Food YouTubers. They are eating delicious shrimps, gimbaps, fishcake. AAAHHHH!!! Being to able to eat whenever you want is just such a blessing.

The fasting is also meant for realizing what poor people might go through when they don’t have food or water. It’s putting yourself in their shoes. Although I can eat again when the sun goes down. Thankfully.

There is so much delicious food in the refrigerator which I can usually snack. When I can eat again, I will eat one bite from all the things. Just to taste it… sausage, cheese, fruits, yoghurt…


I am craving noodles, so for tonight I am making instant ramen. I have already cut all the vegetables for the soup and I have made a cucumber salad. I almost licked the sesame oil from my finger, but that it not allowed. Nothing can go through the throat, only your own saliva. You can brush your teeth with water and toothpaste, but you cannot swallow anything.

ramen veggies

Day 2 experiences

Today at work I felt a bit better than yesterday. I slept more, so I was not in zombie mode. The thirst feeling was also less. I think I got used to it, but I am still craving water.

Tomorrow is my last day of fasting. I will get up for the last time at 3:30 to have breakfast. And around 18:00 I have allowed myself to eat again. I am looking forward to that time, so I can drink whenever I want. I do appreciate food more. I also realize I can function quite okay with less food.

So I eat can less food to loose fatties? I did lose some fatties though, I can see my cheekbones more. The stomach is still quite round, but I think if I would fast longer, the fat will also go away there. Tomorrow I will tell you guys the benefits of fasting for losing fat.

[20:40] One hour to go till eating and drinking. See you guys tmrw!

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