Day 1 of fasting

It was interesting today with no food and drinks. I got up this morning at 3:30AM to eat an early breakfast.

early breakfast

I made a chicken soup, added a lot of vegetables and some rice. I drank about 4 or 5 cups of water. I went to bed with a water tummy. After one hour I woke up again to pee it all out. Everything that was going out of my body today felt like precious fluids and food energy going away.

I only slept for about 5.5 hours, so I was floating a bit today. It felt like I had to keep my body in zen mode to save energy.

I missed water the most. My brain was giving me images and urges to drink. When I washed my hands it felt really nice. The feeling of water on my skin is almost like drinking it. I also smelled the cucumber of my collegue and it felt like I was also eating it. I guess you can eat molecules through the nose.
Wow, reading this part makes me realize I was quite desperate for water and food. We are actually very lucky to be able immediately eat and drink whenever we want to.

Now after 21:35 I have eaten dinner and immediately after being able to drink and eat I already forgot the ‘pain’ of not being able to eat. Fasting is really testing your patience. At 18:00 Lazy Bear was having dinner. I was thinking, I still have 3,5 hours to go. Those hours didn’t go fast. So I took a nap till dinner time.

Now, I am going back to sleep for the second day. I am only doing this for 3 days. A lot of respect for everyone who will be doing this for a whole month.
Good night 🙂

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