3 days of fasting

I am going to do 3 days of fasting. I have a friend who will start the Ramadan on Tuesday evening 15 May. Last year I wanted to experience fasting too, but I chickened out.
Today I decided to join 3 days of fasting starting from Wednesday 16 May at 4:11 in the morning. Friday 18 May at 18:00 is my end time, because then I will have a dinner with friends. (Yes, I will still chicken out.)

I checked the sun rise and sun set times for my city, because it can differ a few minutes per city.

Ramadan times

So after 4:11 I am not allowed to eat or drink anymore. And after 21:35 I can eat and drink again.

Fasting schedule


My friend told me about his fasting experiences. Not drinking is the hardest. In the evening it’s very important to drink a lot. After fasting for a day your stomach will shrink. When you have to eat at 3:30 in the morning, you probably won’t eat a lot, but it’s important to have enough food energy to survive the day. Add some sugar in your water.


I looked up some food recipes that I can prepare during dinner for the 3:30 breakfast. I don’t want to cook at 3:30 in the morning, so I can sleep more.

Midnight fasting food

I am making a chicken broth to make chicken/vegetable soup and chicken congee, just add some rice to the soup. I also want to make a fruit/spinach smoothie beforehand, so I can just wake up, eat and drink and go back to sleep. I also have some watery fruit, because I read that fruit is good for keeping fluids in your body.

I am very curious about my energy level and my happiness level during the day. Will I get a headache from no fluids? Will my stomach be very loud at work? What will my brain say during the day? (“Why are you doing this to me”) Who knows….

I will be keeping a daily diary on the blog to you guys updated. Friday or Saturday I will be have a concluding story about fasting. Anyone joining me in fasting? 🙂

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