Kingsday food

If you are ever in the Netherlands around 27th of April, then you can celebrate Kingsday with the rest of the country. On this day we celebrate the King’s birthday. The whole country is free and you will see a lot of orange and Dutch flags.

When I was little, Lazy Penguin and I would count all the flags hanging from the houses. We would go to Amsterdam to enjoy the flea markets and the hustlebustle. In every city and village you will see people selling their stuff and kids selling their old toys. I heard that some people will occupy a place early in the morning, to get a good selling spot.


During Kingsday the stores sell a lot of orange tompouce, 6 times more than a normal day. Tompouce is a pastry existing out of two flakey cookies with cream in between. When you bite a tompouce, the cream will squart out. It’s easier to eat it by taking the top cookie off.

tompouce dutch delights

I just watched a video about Kingsday sweets. There was chocolate in the shape of King Willem Alexander’s face and sweets with orange and red/white/blue. It’s a bit disappointing that there isn’t any special (hot) dish you will eat on Kingsday.

Savory food

We need to invent something delicious for Kingsday…

Orange soup

Ingredients: carrot, orange bell pepper, pumpkin, onion and a pinch of curry powder.

Happy Kingsday orange food

Enjoy Kingsday!

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