How to make pulled noodles 拉面(lamian)

When dad was in town, he made thick flat pulled noodles. I filmed the process and here is the video:

It’s not a complete recipe, because I don’t know the flour and water measurements. For the people who are good in ‘winging it’. Here are my steps of how I would make it:

Pulled noodles recipe

  1. Mix flour with water. The dough should be a soft and weak. It should not be firm and bounce back. It should not be sticky anymore.
  2. Pour oil on the board. Flatten out the dough  on the oil. Spread oil on top of the dough. Let is sit for 30 min under a plastic foil

la mian dough

  1. After 30 min: start the pulling. Cut a piece of dough, flatten it with your hands. Grab both ends and start swinging pulling like in the video.
  2. Pull a few times till the noodle is thin enough. Drop it in the boiling water. It’s okay to break the noodle in the last pull. Else you need to slurp 1 meter of noodle.

Dad made a soup base with lamb. He used the same soup to boil the noodles in. He also stir fried some veggies and meat together, which he also put in the soup. Add salt and soy sauce to taste.

pulled noodles la mian

You can create any sauce or soup for these noodles. I especially like big plate chicken with flat pulled noodles. I used to eat it at Kiroren, but they are closed now T.T

big chicken plate kiroren

Video stuff

I hope you enjoyed this video! I used 4 hours to edit the video. I am slowly becoming quicker with editing. So I can work towards one video every week. You may have noticed that the video quality is not that high. That is because I used an older camera. I didn’t have my super camera with me at the time. But hey, it is still a nice video. The quality doesn’t matter that much, as long as the content is interesting. In the future I will be making a new pulled noodles recipe with all the steps and using the super camera.

Have a good weekend! Enjoy the sun!

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