(Video) Haring – Dutch Delights ▶

I am starting a new video series: Dutch Delights, starting with ‘haring’ as first delight.

All these Asian countries have their delicious traditional dish, like Japan with ramen, China with dumplings, Vietnam with pho. But the Netherlands doesn’t really have typical dish where you would go to a restaurant for. Okay, they have ‘hutspot‘ and ‘erwtensoep‘ as typical Dutch food, but that is more homecooked food.

For the Dutch Delights series I have broadened my view about Dutch food and looked at -anything- that is edible or drinkable.

What is typical Dutch food which you cannot find abroad? Or which food is THE BEST in the Netherlands? For example milk. I think we, Dutchies have the best tasting milk.

From now on you can expect a lot of Dutch Delight videos, since I have already brainstormed a lot of ideas in sketch form: Instagram for the win!


The places we visited in the Haring video are:

🐟 Viswinkel Ruud Den Haan, Oude Dijk 145, Rotterdam. • Very happy that they let us shoot in the store, thank you.

🍜 Restaurant Pho, West-Kruiskade 1 Rotterdam. • They have delicious Vietnamese food, check them out.

🍵 YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar, Codarts Kruisplein 26, Rotterdam • Our go-to bubble tea place. I also wrote a nice story about bubble tea.

🌊 Kralingse Plas Rotterdam • The “ice lake with birds” location. I bet in the summer it’s nice to walk around here, but during the filmday we were freezing our nose off.

Today Lazy Penguin and I are off on a new adventure… maybe a foodventure, maybe not. 🙂
Have a good Friday everyone!

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