Lisbon restaurant tips

Lazy Bear and I went to Lisbon Portugal for a week and we ate at a lot of restaurants. Here are four restaurants that I highly recommend and one restaurant that I don’t recommend. Enjoy!

Sea Me

Sea Me serves fresh sea food and Japanese dishes. They have a small market section in the back with all the fresh fish and sea creatures you can pick .
We first got shrimps with garlic and some sashimi. The shrimps were really tasty with the big chunks of garlic. I ordered two crayfish (235g. 28 euro) and Lazy Bear a Sargo fish (565 g. 24,55 euro). They were both grilled. It tasted so good! The brown and red brains of the crayfish was so addicting. The fish was firm and fresh.
We went wild on the fish and we didn’t have any potato or vegetables. We also had a dessert. Total costs: 120 euro.

Bairro do Avillez

I noticed that Portugal is about sharing food. Woohoo! I love that. Bairro do Avillez has a ‘gezellig’ (fun/cozy) atmosphere and a colorful interior. It’s a good place to chill with some wine and meat slices, but we came for dinner.
We ordered steak, fries, a salad and pork trotters (these were a bit too fatty). Everything was so good. I loved the corn bread, it’s sweet and the texture is like cake.
Four shared dishes, bread, two drinks, one dessert made 48 euro.

La Piadina

La Piadina is a like a fast food, but yummy and healthy. They serve pancakes (bit like Oil Pancakes from China) filled with cheese, greens and meat slices. Recommended place for a quick lunch or snack.
Price per pancake 5-7 euro.


German hot dogs with different kind of toppings. I had the hotdog with sauerkraut, because I love sauerkraut. Lazy Bear had a hotdog with red cabbage and pineapple. Really nice combination too. Two hotdogs and two drinks were 20 euro.

DOGS is a small restaurant in the LX Factory area. LX Factory is a artsy fartsy place with small design shops, nice restaurants and eateries. It’s a bit like 798 Art district of Beijing, but more sophisticated. I think the shops don’t change much at LX Factory.

Koppu Ramen Concept Food

There was a ramen restaurant in Lisbon, so I wanted to try it. The Google reviews were mixed, some positive and some not really. So my expectations were very low. And too bad it was not that good. The soup and noodles were very salty. Even the egg was very salty. The waitress said we could have added more broth, but we were already done eating. I don’t recommend this place for ramen, the other food might be good.

We used Google Maps to find the best restaurants in Lisbon. A lot of restaurants have 4+ stars, so either they are very positive in Lisbon, restaurants up vote themselves or they are just really good.

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