[Video editing] Using my own voice

In my last video I used my voice to tell the story. This was an interesting new way of working.

I have to say, it’s difficult to talk enthusiastic and clear when doing a voice over. This is the first time that I am using my own voice in a video. Usually Lazy Penguin does the talking. I had a bit of an itch in my throat, so my voice may sound a bit crappy. But I have to say, I am happy with the result. I thought I would cringe more when hearing my voice, but it’s okay. You can hear some Dutch English in there, but ah well…

I wonder what you guys think of it. Is it clear? More videos like this? or do you say: STAP IT!

For this video I had 4 editing phases:

  1. Editing the video parts in Adobe Premiere
  2. Looking at the video and doing a voice over
  3. Adding the voice over to the video and adjusting the video
  4. Adding text and visuals in After Effects

I tried a new way working process. All my previous videos are 100% edited in After Effects. Which is not very convenient if you have a lot of video. This time, I first edited the video pieces in Premiere Pro and then dragged the Premiere file in After Effects and added text over it. That makes the timeline way cleaner and you can easily jump into the Premiere file to change the video cuts. I learned this from this YouTube video. There is still so much to discover in the video editing world… It’s so much fun! 😀

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