Trip to the toko (Amazing Oriental)

So here is the long anticipated video about my toko trip:

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I went to Amazing Oriental to buy Japanese ramen, green veggies, mochi ball, lo han guo and vinegar.

Japanese intant Ramen

I always need to have some instant ramen in my house and I was running out. This new instant ramen is from Nissin Raoh. I heard it for the first time from Toshimi Saitou. He was so pleased with the noodles that he thought it would be good enough to sell it as normal ramen. The noodles tastes fresh, is quite springy and has a nice mouthfeel. I think they preserved it different than the other instant noodles. Not fried I think…

Further I bought Lo Han Guo, this is a herbal drink for a sore throat. In the box there are little blocks and you have to dissolve a block in hot water. Usually I have some of these at home and at work. Whenever I hear a colleague coughing, I offer them a block. It tastes sweet and not bitter. If you have never tried it, try the miracle Chinese power drink. I don’t know if it works well, but it does softens the throat.

Enjoy the last hours of the weekend! See you on Friday.


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