Tsukemen – Dipping ramen at Yokohama Ramen Saito

Yokohama Ramen Saito Tsukemen

Toshimi Saitou is in the process of creating a new menu item: tsukemen, a dipping ramen. I was one of the lucky ones to test it. This ramen will be on the menu soon.

What is it?

The noodles and soup are separated and you can dip the cold noodles in the hot soup. This soup tastes different than the tonkotsu soup. It has a fishy taste and less pig taste? The noodles don’t grip a lot of soup in the beginning, because of the oil. So the mouthfeel is very smooth. After a while I just dumped more noodles in the soup, so it would grip more soup. (This might be wrong, I don’t know…)

Yokohama Ramen Saito tsukemen

I like this soup. I actually thought the soup would be even thicker than tonkotsu, since there is less soup. But that was not the case. It feels lighter than the tonkotsu and it is still possible to kanmaku (finish the soup). The noodles have the same thickness as the tonkotsu noodles. I like the hardness of the noodles, because it doesn’t become soggy in the soup.

The plus side having the cold noodles and hot soup separated, is that when you dip it, the temperature will not be too hot. The downside is that you have to eat fast, or else the soup is not hot enough to warm the noodles. But this is a perfect ramen for the warmer days.

Saitou is still perfecting this ramen, so I can’t wait for the final results.

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