New “Why” story

Today I am reflecting about “Why Lazy Pig Passion?” and also writing a new Why Lazy Pig Passion piece. Why does the blog exist?

In 2016 I started blogging seriously every week, because I wanted to do something creative with my life. I used my love for food as main topic and whatever I created about food would be okay to post on the blog.

Industrial design study

During my industrial design study in 2007 I have learned to reflect on my work. I really enjoy reflecting time, because it gives me a moment of rest and a realization of the things I have done. Sometimes it even gives me new insights about life and work.

You should know that during my industrial design study I have also created an interest in film making. So after my bachelor I really wanted to be a film director. I studied one year of film making in Belgium. It was fun, but not very educating. I felt I could learn the stuff by myself. So I quit and continued my industrial design study. You know… to be sure of a piece of paper that will give you a bright future.

Just do it

In 2017 I said to Lazy Penguin, let’s go to Düsseldorf for a few days to eat and try out Takumi’s ramen. Meanwhile I can write stories about everything we eat. And hey, let’s try making a food vlog, just like those YouTube foodvloggers. That was my first taste of making videos again. It was raw, nothing planned, just a GoPro camera in fish-eye setting, Lazy Penguin eating and explaining the food.

Now after half a year I have made 16 videos about food. And I have decided to focus more on video making, because I love it.

I realize now that it took me 7 years of my life to make a video for fun! I already knew my passion 7 years ago, but I never made any videos! Talk about lazy…. or is it procrastination? or fear? or finding excuses not to do it…
Just do it.

Blog to Vlog

New focus: video

I want to be a video creator again, so I am going back on the rails of film making. Hop on my train and enjoy the ride!

And it will still be about food. Cuz man… food is great!

For the readers who have followed my foodblog from the beginning. You will be seeing less text stories about food and more video stories about food. And you can expect more stories about the video process. Follow me on my YouTube channel for the newest videos. For the readers in China, you can follow me on Youku.

Next video coming soon!

Raw fish.
haring zwemmen

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