The life of creating videos

I am working a lot on video editing instead of only text blogging. And today I watched a new video of Peter McKinnon about the creative process of making videos.

He pinpoints so much things I am experiencing now as a video creator.

  • A creation is never perfect. That hurts so much, because I want to create the best video ever! I am never satisfied with the video I post. For example in the Magic of Ramen video, I don’t like the animation part. But I also didn’t want to spend any more time on it, because I wanted to start the next video: Noo.Me.
  • Editing Noo.Me was not exciting anymore, because I had already done all the things before. (Having an intro, some quick shots, food shots, talking about the food, conclusion and dance outro.) Making this video felt forced.

No. I don’t need to make these restaurant videos for anyone. They are just for fun. 

I didn’t like this forced feeling, so I created a new project: Dutch Delights. Presenting Dutch food in a fun and interesting way.

I wonder when I will be bored about this project and create the next one. But I will stick to this ‘wherever my brainwaves will take me’, because that keeps me excited and motivated to create videos.

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