Alone with your creativity

Delft old church

Yesterday I spend some alone time with my creativity in Delft. I had an appointment in Delft and I took the opportunity to do some window shopping and exploring the city. I wanted to have lunch at Kek (an awesome lunch place), but it was packed! Good job, Kek, good job..
So I went to De Centrale, a restaurant which is also on my to-visit-list. I was the only customer when I arrived.

Delft De Centrale

It was so nice to have everything for myself. Just me and my thoughts (and some waitresses). I made some pretty Instagram photos and tried out the story function. (So noob, too lazy to use it)
I realized that alone time is so nice for my creativity. Also to just wind down and enjoy the little things, like having sun on my face.

Delft De Centrale pate

My best ideas come to me when I am alone with my thoughts. On the toilet, in the train, in bed when I should sleep…
When you are alone, you can let your mind flow anywhere. You don’t need to mind the things that are in front of you, but go further in your imagination.

SNCKBR video thoughts

So currently I am editing a new video. This video is a Lazy Penguin foodventure, BUT without (a lot of) talking. I wanted to try a new style. Telling a story through images. Yesterday I made a rough cut of the whole video, but I am very much -not- satisfied with it. It doesn’t have the YES, this is so FUNNY and NICE to share.

Today I will be looking at it again and adding some text. Oh, wait, then I am cheating actually. Then I still use text-talking to tell the story…. Hmm… what shall I do?
Meh, I will just work on it and do whatever to make it more interesting… I don’t have a plan, but I will just work on it. Usually good ideas come to me during the process. “Just do stuff, it will come to you.”

Have a good weekend! Enjoy the sun!

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