Asian food to NL (part 2)

I am missing Asian food. So here are some food items I am craving and wishing to come to the Netherlands. Let’s go!                   Read part 1 here.

Jianbing breakfast

asian food jian bing breakfast

Let’s start the day with streetfood breakfast from China. Jianbing are thin crepes with egg, crispy dough, scallions and sauces. It’s savory, soft and crispy. In China you can get these crepes everywhere in the morning. Apparently it is not easy (or fast) to make a jianbing. You need months of practice and tuition from a master according to Serious Eats.

Jianbing preparation

Milk tea drink

milk tea in a bottle

One of my favorite drinks in Asia is milk tea. Nowadays the Netherlands also have a lot of places where you can get milk tea, like YoYo Fresh. But I still haven’t find any milk tea in bottles in the Netherlands. I hope the company Kirin will bring their milk tea to the Netherlands.

Takoyaki lunch


I guess for lunch we are having takoyaki: soft dough balls filled with a piece of octopus, scallions and a bit of pink ginger. Hinoki in Rotterdam sells takoyaki and they are quite good! Gooey dough inside, fried skin on the outside. It would be fun if there are takoyaki street food stands in the Netherlands. So whenever you are shopping or going to a festival, you can get a batch of takoyaki.

Coco Curry dinner

Coco Curry to the Netherlands

I guess I am promoting a lot of Japanese food, since I just visited Japan. I think Coco Curry is something what Dutch people would really like. Dutch people are already used to schnitzel and Coco Curry is a fried piece of meat, just like schnitzel, but better. Japanese curry is not as spicy as Indian curry, so perfect for people who are not used to spice.

Taiwanese dessert Taiwanese dessert

This is something that Dutch people would find strange. It’s a dessert from Taiwan and it is not that sweet as Dutch desserts which is often 1/3 sugar. The ingredients are grass jelly (black stuff), taro balls (chewy orange stuff) and yam balls (potato like chewy stuff). I really like the chewy texture, it’s just like a bubble tea tapioca ball. In the Netherlands you don’t have a lot of food-textures like these balls. So if we want to bring this to the Netherlands, we have to let the people first get used to the texture. But how….? Free samples, I guess..

It’s fun to look at delicious food photos. This series will continue. Still so much Asian food to promote. Have a lovey weekend food lovers!

SNCKBR video coming soon!

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