Sketch life

I was browsing through my train sketchbook and I saw that all my drawings are very simple. Simple, as in, I spend 15 minutes on a drawing.

sketchbook lazypigpassion

When I go back to the first photo I posted on Instagram, they are way more detailed and they have color.

sketch burger lazypigpassion
I never ate this hamburger, but it was a nice photo on the interwebs

So I wanted to go back to my Instagram roots and make a drawing with more details.

sketch lambsrack 3
Sous vide lambrack. Soft, squishy meat

What you don’t see in the sketch is that the rice and cucumber are a bit misplaced on the plate. I never sketch first with pencil, so I have to accept the fact that I can’t erase it anymore. I just create extra lines to fix it the best I can.

More videos coming

I still have quite some footage of the Japan trip. I might make a video of that or make a video of the SNCKBR Eindhoven trip with Lazy Penguin.


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