Viral video

So the Magic of Ramen video sort of went viral.

viral video

After I posted the video on Sunday evening last week, it already had 100 views after 1 hour. I thought, wow my 14 subscribers must really like it, that they are all sharing the video. But apparently a friend posted the video on Reddit and that gained a lot of attention. On Monday the video got 7000+ views. Also a Dutch viral website posted my video. They summed up my stories excellent, without adding the source. Now at this moment the video has 19.000+ views. My mind is totally blown by the number of people watching the video.

I learned a few things from this viral thing:

  • People like Chef Saitou. They admire his way of life. (Me too, a lot of respect for him fully embracing his passion.)
  • People really like ramen and they want to have more ramen places serving fresh noodles.
  • People enjoyed the video. (Good! I will continue making videos and make them more fun.)
  • The internet is big and fast. It’s hard to stop a video after it is viral.
  • Viral websites want to have a piece of your viral video.

The result

Saitou’s website and my website got a lot of traffic. Many people are saying that they will visit the restaurant and are tagging people in the viral Facebook post. Last Wednesday I went to Saitou’s to eat ramen and after an hour it opened it was already full. People had to wait for a table. This usually happens on Saturdays, not on Wednesdays.

That is the magic of ramen you guys! So happy the video made an impact. *pings a tear*

Next up is creating more food videos. I think I will spend a bit less time on the blog posts and more time on the videos. Since videos have a bigger audience and I like to make videos. I guess I will use the blog for my mind dump. Follow me on YouTube with my other 71 new subscribers. And see you in the next post!
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