Real food diary + rant

So I started a real food diary a week ago. I want to know what I eat everyday, because it feels like I am cooking less and less. (More and more ordering food.)

This diary is a nice outlet to draw roughly, not caring too much about looking pretty. As long it’s clear what the food was, then I am okay. Sometimes I will include some daily happenings, so it will also show a bit of the daily life. I have thought of keeping a daily diary before, but writing everyday looked like a big task so I didn’t start one. Now, I only write and draw what I ate for dinner and that feels like a way easier task.

food diary

Crap vs. Perfect

Originally I wanted to post the Saitou movie for Friday, but it still in the last checking process. So I will post it in the coming days. I AM SO STOKED TO SHARE IT. Can’t wait for the reactions. I hope it is worth the wait. And if it’s crap. On to the next project!

I think it’s better to create a lot of crap things than to focus a lot of time on perfecting one project. If you make 10 crappy videos, you probably have learned 10 new things from those projects. But if you spend a lot of time on 1 project, you probably learned 1 thing. Even though I am saying this, I also spend tons of time on the Saitou video. I did gave up on adding a lot of animations and text on the video. If I would do that, then I would probably need another 5 evenings.

Style of video

I recently started following Casey Neistat on YouTube. He is the Godfather of vlogging. His videos have inspired me to try something new with the Lazy Penguin foodventures. Next time I will add myself to the video. Not the face, only the voice and hands. I want to try a more active way of filming. Now I frame Lazy Penguin sitting at the table and include some close ups of the food. I learned this from Eat Your Kimchi, Strictly Dumpling and Mark Wiens. But I want to find my own way of making food videos by trying out different things.

Don’t fear to work on creative stuff my dear readers. You just have to Do. JUST DO IT. Don’t think to much. Something will be created in the end. And you will feel proud. Or not. Throw it away and start your next thing, BUT you will be a bit wiser on how not to make it crap.

That’s my rant for this week. See you in the next post!

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