Korean BBQ at Asian Boulevard in Tilburg

Korean food has a special place in my heart. I have lived in South-Korea for 4 months during an exchange and I had such a good time. Also the food was magnificent. When I came back to the Netherlands I learned to cook Korean food from Maangchi, because I missed the food. I have also written a post dedicated to kimchi; that delicious, sour, salty, crunchy fermented Chinese cabbage…mmm..

Today I am sharing my experiences at Asian Boulevard in Tilburg. I totally did not expect to find such good quality Korean food in a small city like Tilburg. I have been to two Korean restaurants in Den Haag before, but Asian Boulevard is a masterpiece compared to those places.

Kimchi Boulevard

Asian Boulevard exists out of two parts: sushi all-you-can-eat and korean BBQ all-you-can-eat. I am not sure whether the sushi part was also in the same restaurant, but we sat in a room where every table has an build-in-grill. Yes! You grill the meat yourself.

There is a special paper on the grill with some oil, when the paper/grill becomes black the waitress will change the paper for you. Very smart and sustainable. In South-Korea, they would change the top metal part. There are nice sofas and walls between the tables, so you have a nice private meal.

Food and menu

The concept is like the sushi all-you-can-eat. You can pick 3 dishes per person per round. And you can always order extra side dishes and sauce.

The taste of the side dishes are very authentic! The side dishes were: spinach salad, kimchi, potato matchsticks and pickled cucumbers. They are like small salads/appetizers; sour, salty, sesame oily… I just love these types of side dishes.

AsianBoulevard side dishes

There is a big variety in meat and they even have beef tongue. The meat slices are thick and already pre-cut for you. I have tried the bulgogi, rib eye, marinated rib eye, beef tongue, bacon (samgyopsal), chicken and shrimp. They are all marinated very well and very tasty. The normal rib eye was my favorite.
Of course you need to eat it the Korean way: by placing the meat in a lettuce leaf, add some gochujang (hotpepper sauce), grilled garlic and grilled kimchi and some side dishes. Wrap it up and NOMNOMNOM. Ahhh, it really brought me back to South-Korea. So good.

AsianBoulevard Korean BBQ

I wanted to try out their special Korean dishes, like bibimbap (mixed rice) and naengmyeon (cold noodles) and both were so delicious! The bibimbap had a raw eggyolk which you have the stir in the pot. The pot is heated so it will crisp up the rice and cook the raw egg. The cold noodles was chewy and the taste was refreshing and spicy.

AsianBoulevard bibimbap

Besides the typical Korean food, the menu also has some dishes from other cuisines. Like spring rolls, sesame balls, frikandel (so Dutch), fried banana and California sushi. But I would suggest you try out the Korean food. There are still some Korean dishes I want to try the next time.


The ice was also a surprise. It was very creamy and had a natural taste. I wonder if they made the ice cream themselves.. or got it from a ice salon. They further have fresh fruit and a surprise cake.

AsianBoulevard desserts toetjes

Tilburg date

Asian Boulevard is very close to Euroscoop, a big cinema. So you can make a date of your restaurant visit. That’s what we did :D.
Warning: after the Korean BBQ, you will smell like Korean BBQ ^^

Visit them!

Asian Boulevard (Kimchi Boulevard)
Curlingstraat 1-11, 5022 DZ Tilburg
T: +31(0)13 543 1970
Website    Facebook (Their Facebook header video looks delicious)

Mon-Thu   16:00-22:30 (Last order 21:45)
Fri-Sun       16:00-22:30 (Last order 22:15)
Tue             Closed

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