2017 Year review

It’s already 2018! Time to take a moment to reflect on 2017. 2017 has been a fruitful year. A lot of new projects, like Foodventures with Lazy Penguin. Oh well, that’s it actually. Restaurant reviews already existed since 2014 on the blog… Did you know my first post is a restaurant review about a burger restaurant in London. Then I stopped blogging, because there was no plan to work on the blog. And finally in 2016 I started to take things seriously.
Okay, back to 2017.

Flags and countries

Because my blog is in English, a lot of people around the world can read it. And I have to say, it’s really cool to discover a new country and flag. Below you can see all the flags from the countries that have visited LazyPigPassion. The order of the flags is from most visited to visited one time, sort of.

2017 review flags

Best of 2017

Let’s make it scientific by adding a graph to the story.

2017 review lazypigpassion

In April 2017 Lazy Penguin and I made our first Food video. It was at Takumi in Düsseldorf. We didn’t plan anything, just started the camera and filmed the eating. The video is… okay… crappy sound, strange fisheye effect, people in the background, shaking… Ahh, it was at least something. You can see a small growth in April.

In May 2017 I wrote about two awesome restaurants in Düsseldorf: Yaki-The-Emon and Äpelschlaat. They shared my stories on their Facebook and it sort of exploded. Also in May we made our second Foodventure at Kimmade in Utrecht. We were better equipped with a microphone and we had a plan: film the city and give an introduction about the food. We even had an interview with the Chef! Life was good.. These factors contributed to the growth of May.

I don’t know what happened in June. Let’s just ignore that.

July 2017 was an even bigger explosion of views and visitor. All thanks to Yokohama Ramen Saito and Strijp-S. I followed Yokohama Ramen Saito from the beginning, by which I mean, I saw that a new Japanese ramen shop was opening in Schiedam. When it opened I very cautious with trying, because I had bad ramen experiences before in Europe. But it was sooo good. I made a restaurant review after 2 weeks it opened and that review spread like wide fire…wildfire?.. a lot of fire. It was hot! I love the ramen so much that I am making a documentairy about it. Coming soon..

After we made a video about Strijp-S, that also spread like wildfire. A lot of shops and eateries from Strijp-S shared the video.

In November 2017 I went to Japan and blogged daily about the food. That was the food life; daily eating 3 delicious meals.

2018 plans

More videos with Lazy Penguin. So tomorrow we will be visiting Noo.Me and Foo Concepts in Rotterdam. Two Asian food places that have been on my radar for a long time…

Further I will continue writing food stories every Friday. I need to try more food cuisines. (and exercise.. haha…)

Have a lovely new year!
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