How to: do what you always wanted to do

Step 1: Schedule a time slot to work on it.

Step 2: That’s it.
Slowly you will get used to the schedule and work on ‘it’ naturally.

Story time

This blog started by taking the Friday off from work. I said to myself in the first year: “You have to post something every week!” It was hard in the beginning. There were weeks were I thought: “meh, I feel lazy this week. No harm to do nothing.” And I didn’t post anything. But then I realized, no-one is pushing me to do this. I need to push myself to do this. So I made a pact with myself: just post whatever. Like an art piece, photo or drawing. That means you have put some effort in it.

procrastination pig
All time struggle

In the second year (2017) I have posted something every week! And it actually feels natural now. No procrastination feelings anymore. Now it’s more like: “Hmm.. I have this big project and that big project, but what should I work on? And I still need to post something on the blog!” So now I actually first post something on the blog, like this story, and then work on my big project. So I won’t feel guilty if I haven’t posted something on Friday.

Let’s work!

Today I want to work on a sushi video of Japan. It was our first ‘real’ sushi experience in Japan at a sushi diner/restaurant. The experience was so peaceful and lovely. I hope I can convey that feeling in my video. I am guessing the video will be done today or tomorrow. So more blog posts this week!

See you later! I am going to work now…

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