The Making of Saito’s movie

About 2 months ago I filmed at Saito’s restaurant with Lazy Penguin. I am planning to make a documentary about him and his awesome Japanese ramen. If you still don’t know who I am talking about: Yokohama Ramen Saito in Schiedam.

Originally I planned to finish the Saito documentary in November (in order to have a video out every month). But when I looked at my footage during the editing, I was scared. Look at those videos! So much to look back at, to name, to decide whether I will use the footage or not.

Saito Movie footage

If you think this is all. Nope. I also have 4+ hour audio footage. We gave Saito a voice recorder while he was making his ramen. Lazy Penguin and I interviewed Saito in English and in Japanese. For the movie I will be using the Japanese version, because that is way cooler and more natural. So this time I am editing with a different language. That’s actually quite hard, because usually I can pick out bad parts, but now I don’t understand anything…

Saito Movie editing

So the plan is: picking Japanese stories based on the English ones. Edit a nice process video of how to make ramen. Then sit with Saito and translate all the Japanese stories. Or someone who knows Japanese.

I think I have already spend 6 evenings on it. I am now halfway through the editing. This project is quite big and just to sit down and start editing has been a big hurdle for me. BUT I am slowly approaching the end. That’s why today I am not telling a food story, but sharing a process story.

So. COMING SOON: Saito’s movie.

Have a lovely one!
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