Looking back: Japan trip 2017

Looking back

So sad the trip is already over for a week. It was one of my favorite trips so far, next to Hong Kong 2016. The food was just fantastic. The people are nice and so mindful. There is a lot of sun. Toilets are the best, a very important factor when visiting a country. You can find toilets everywhere in Japan and they are so clean!

I have a lot of video footage and photos of the trip, so I have some ideas for posts. I also thought it is nice to give you guys an overview of the costs in Japan for a 2 weeks holiday. I highly recommend Japan; such a lovely, beautiful and hardworking country.

Posts planned:

  1. Japan costs for a 2 week trip
  2. Sushi video at やまに寿司 千本店 Kyoto
  3. Shichisai Tokyo ramen video
  4. Other random ideas…

Fun things of Japan

  • Anime stuff. Japan is the mother source of anime and manga. There are so many stores with merchandise of Ghibli, Yotsuba&, One Piece, Fat pig cat, Dragonball… everything..
  • Food. Everything tastes good. Ramen heaven. Yes, I got fat while eating 3 hot meals per day. No regrets…
  • Temples. I really like the simple style of Japanese temples. Not too much decorations, just simple and clean forms. Like Muji.
  • (Shops) Muji, Uniqlo and Loft. Simple style clothing and stuff. Loft is like a small mall of cool stuff.
  • Train traveling. The stations and trains are organised very well. Clean stations, clear signs of where to wait. The shinkansen (high speed) trains have comfortable chairs and clean toilets.
  • Sunny weather. In November is usually sun every day. It can become cold, so wear winter jackets in November. I thought it would be 15 Celsius degree, so we only brought our summer jackets.
  • Nature. We did not see a lot of nature in this trip. But the Fushimi Inari Taisha in the mountains was really nice to see. I know from Youtubers that Japan has beautiful nature.
  • Fashion. The people in Japan are so fashionable. The material they use for jackets is really pretty, it looks very high class. Maybe because we mainly stayed in big cities I have only seen the fashion crowd. Of course the million businessmen look fabulous in their suits.
  • Cute, kawaii. Japan is also the mother source of cuteness. I want all the kawaii stuff! Plushies, toys, stickers, pens, stationary. Oeh. They have so much stationary shops. I would have bought everything if I was still in school.

That’s it for this reminiscing post. Tomorrow I will work on the “costs in Japan” post, so hopefully I can post it tomorrow. Have a good day!

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