Japan day 10: Kobe beef

So today we ate Kobe beef. This was on my food bucket list. Check ✔, also done. So how did it taste?

Soft, squishy, a little vain, but sweet beef. *Squish squish* with every chew. It’s like eating the fat part, but not that greasy. From a lot of YouTube videos I heard: “melts in your mouth”. But for me it’s not really melting on your tongue, but just very soft, creamy and squishy. The texture doesn’t really feel meat-like. The taste is really nice combined with on of the three sauces: soy sauce, Himalaya salt and their special miso sauce. But it doesn’t have the biggest beef flavor, more of a subtle beef taste.

The bill? € 210,- per person. Yes, that’s a lot of money. Ate it all. We had a menu set with a beef starter, oxtail soup, salad, 100g Kobe beef, veggies, desserts and an after drink. Is it worth it?

Meh, not really. Other (sous vide) beef is also very good. This is just an eat-experience you can’t create yourself. So if you are a fan of meat, you should have tried this once. Also, the service of the restaurant was excellent. Very attentive and thorough. You also pay for that experience.

We went to Bifteck Kawamura in Kobe, the Sannomiya branch. I might write a more extensive story about the place (or not).

Kobe beef at home?

Can prepare Kobe beef yourself? If you buy the Kobe beef.. I wonder if you can easily buy it if you are not a restaurant. Let’s Google this..

Omg! It’s hard to find Kobe beef outside of Japan. But lately they are exporting cows to Europe. You can buy Kobe beef in the Netherlands according to this list. Larry Olmsted talks about eating Kobe beef outside of Japan, but you have to be careful, it might be not the real deal. It’s an interesting article…

So, would I want to eat it again? No, not really, it’s too expensive. And I prefer the meat texture and beef taste of a sous vide steak. One day, Lazy Penguin will show you how to make it.

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