Japan Kyoto day 9: cultural differences Japan vs Netherlands

I feel that the photo stories are getting boring, so today I will talk about some interesting things I have noticed. Some cultural differences compared to the Netherlands.

Cultural differences

Stay left. In Japan they drive on the left side. Walking on the street is also on the left. Standing still on the escalator is also on the left. Walk on the right. In Osaka they do it the other way around. In the train and subway stations you will see arrows on the ground for guidance.

Run for the traffic light. People often run towards the traffic light when they see it is green or when they know it will be green soon. I have never seen this in NL. Only when the green light starts to blink, I will walk a bit faster.

Food lines. Often you see lines in front of restaurants, but I noticed, it doesn’t mean it is totally full inside. I think they do this so they can give you full attention inside. When we went to the 550 year soba restaurant with the line, there were quite some tables free inside.

Mind your own business. People in the train really keep their eyes to themselves. They won’t stare at Western people, unlike in China. Also people walk very considerate. They notice you from afar and will walk a bit the side. Europe and China experiences are more like *bump bump*.

Less bowing. 8 years ago they bowed more. These days no one has bowed for us. Interesting… But I like this much better. A lot of bowing made me feel uncomfortable.

Toilets. The toilets here are the best advanced inventions. A comfortable heated seat, water sprays for you bottom area, music for hiding pooping sound. Every station has very pretty and clean toilets: nice interior, better lighting than the station part and even a make-up area. I wonder when Japanese people go to Europe and try those cold seated toilets. Do they think: “Wow, what an ancient toilet.. but man! Do they have thick and soft toilet paper!” I wonder…

Also the showers are so comfortable. In our hotel we have a whole little room for scrubbing you body first in front of a mirror and a bath tub next to it. You can make the whole room wet, because every corner is water proof. And there is a very good exhaust system to get rid of the water.

Photos of the day

We went to the bamboo forrest. Was okay to see, there were a lot tourists of course. When I played Okami (PlayStation game) the bamboo forrest was more magnificent.

Shrine at a shopping area.

Ramen at Ippudo Nishikikouji. This was my favourite bowl till now. Chicken like broth, but is was pork, not too strong flavour. Medium thin noodles, firm bite. Fatty pork. Nice spice kick. Haaaa… I just love ramen <3

Tomorrow Kobe! To eat Kobe beef 😋 nomnomnom…

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